Workforce Transformation

Skilled people, aligned with an inspiring vision, will create lasting, positive change

people and arrowsWorkforce Transformation. It sounds like a huge endeavor. But at its core, it’s about assessing and developing the talent within your organization and ensuring the right people with the right skills are in the right positions to deliver on your mission. It involves engaging your talented staff and creating opportunities for them to envision and execute solutions to your organization’s most complex challenges.

Workforce Transformation is about helping organizations evolve — for the better. Without question, doing it is hard; and it takes more than the right tools, or expertise, or processes. It requires thinking differently about your challenges and how to approach them.

At Wheelhouse Group, we go deeper to diagnose the root issue, identify gaps and develop a tailored program that will deliver the results clients are looking for, because we know:

  • Aligning roles, skills, processes, metrics and incentives to achieve optimal business performance is an organization’s greatest leadership challenge.
  • Workforce Transformation is a critical path to addressing larger, cultural or endemic issues.
  • When employees are engaged and equipped they do their best work on your organization’s toughest challenges.
  • Leaders must articulate a compelling shared vision before they can be expected to effectively transform the organization.

We work creatively to align people, actions, and results — driving both buy-in and adoption— and building on decades of experience in successful workforce transformation initiatives.

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What we offer

  • Workforce planning and development
  • Competency modeling and assessment
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Employee engagement, retention and performance management
  • Leadership strengthening/coaching
  • DEIA planning and execution
  • Lean HR
  • HRIT modernization
  • HR metrics and dashboards

Our subject matter experts

Loretta CooperLoretta Cooper
Practice Lead, Workforce Transformation

Rianne RomeRianne Rome
Practice Lead, Workforce Transformation

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