Where We Focus

We move organizations from Reluctance to ResultsTM.

Our specialized expertise helps leaders and their teams to embrace and adopt sweeping changes that have broad impact. We do the nuanced work to prepare people at all levels to enthusiastically adopt change and, along the way we openly share our methods so our clients can mature their capabilities and become better at change. Wheelhouse Group offers specialized expertise in the most pressing, complex transformations our clients face:

Technology Adoption

Successful IT modernization requires more than innovative technology and tools. It requires enthusiastic people who see the promise and are willing to change. Only by engaging and preparing everyone who is impacted – to ensure buy-in and adoption – will organizations realize the ROI on technology investment.

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DevOps Culture Building

DevOps is a mindset. And while new tools and processes are critical, building a culture that promotes a more collaborative, iterative way of working and encourages people to give up ingrained practices is the only way to achieve the full DevOps promise.

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Customer Experience

We all know great service when we experience it. Those in the service delivery business also know the enterprise-wide effort it takes to provide it. Great customer experiences don’t just happen, they are intentionally designed and built into the way the best organizations operate.

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Cybersecurity Mindset

The unintentional actions of a single employee can create a cybersecurity crisis. Building a strong, security mindset among your employees is as important as advanced cyber technologies and processes. When this critical responsibility becomes a core element of your organization’s culture, everyone sleeps better.

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Cloud Adoption

Achieving the full benefits of cloud requires thinking beyond the systems and technology. It’s about people…building a skilled workforce, standing up program management support and engaging employees in change.

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Artificial Intelligence Integration

Sharing the possibilities, encouraging the acceptance and building the skills needed for people to thrive in an artificial intelligence (AI) environment.

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“Wow! I don’t know how you do it, but this work is awesome. It speaks volumes for what we have had to do in a short time frame – with just a few phone calls to bring it all together. This has really been true teamwork between our communications team and Wheelhouse Group.” -Wheelhouse Group Client

“You all are the best people I’ve ever worked with. I hope one day to be as smart and skilled as you all are…I don’t know what I would have done without this team and what you all bring to the table.” -Wheelhouse Group Client

“I don’t know where you find your people but everyone I have every worked with from Wheelhouse Group is top-notch.” -Wheelhouse Group Client