What We Do

We move organizations from Reluctance to ResultsTM.

Our specialized expertise helps leaders and their teams to embrace and adopt sweeping changes that have broad impact. We do the nuanced work to prepare people at all levels to enthusiastically adopt change and, along the way we openly share our methods so our clients can mature their capabilities and become better at change.

Organizational Change Management

Building an organization that is “adept at change” is critical to growth and success, yet there are few things more challenging.

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Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Impactful communication starts with a strong message and a deep understanding of stakeholder needs and motivations.

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Workforce Transformation

Remember a time in your career when you were part of a skilled, diverse team, inspired by a true leader, and able to achieve something transformative for your organization? That vision drives us to help our clients strengthen their culture, leadership skills and team effectiveness, so they can achieve their most ambitious goals.

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Business Optimization

A visionary strategy, shared goals, a set of clear priorities, effective governance and performance measurement – these are the elements of a well-run business. We guide the development and drive the execution of programs that optimize our clients’ business.

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“In my experience I have found the Wheelhouse Group team to be well skilled in delivering best in class thinking in a highly practical manner. My senior leadership team has been able to leverage and apply new concepts that has helped enhance our group’s collective operational performance, which has trickled down to benefiting the entire staff.” -Wheelhouse Group Client

“I have a bone to pick with you all. Your folks are too good. Seriously, I want to express how great your team is and how much I appreciate everything they do.” -Wheelhouse Group Client

“Wheelhouse Group’s team is mission-critical to us. In fact, my leadership team considers their support akin to the flight attendant’s directive to ‘put your own oxygen mask on first.’” -Wheelhouse Group Client