Technology Adoption

Successful IT modernization requires more than innovative technology and tools. It requires enthusiastic people who see the promise and are willing to change. Only by engaging and preparing everyone who is impacted – to ensure buy-in and adoption – will organizations realize the ROI on technology investment.

To realize the full return on technology investment, leaders must focus on the people. Getting a large, diverse audience to understand the vision of a technology deployment, ensuring that they are receptive and prepared to change, and generating enthusiasm through outreach are all essential components of a successful IT transformation.

Wheelhouse Group experts work as integrated members of IT project teams and focus on the “people side” of technology change. We identify the needs of all stakeholders – from executive leaders to end users, including the project team itself, to guide all impacted parties on a path to change. We use a proprietary maturity model framework, the Wheelhouse Waypointer™, to create a customized scale that documents the client’s current state, and measures progress and impact of the work throughout the engagement.

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Where we’re making an impact…

Leading readiness activities for agency-wide technology deployments

Wheelhouse Group leads the communications strategy and execution for the deployment of all new desktop technology for a federal agency – preparing over 90,000 employees in 70 offices nationwide. We design the ideal deployment experience, generate awareness, build self-help resources, prepare the IT Help Desk to support the change and produce all end-user communications.

Modernizing an enterprise case system

A federal agency with over 100 locations is relying on Wheelhouse Group to support the migration of a decades-old paper based process to a fully automated case management system. Our team is delivering an integrated communications and change strategy that ensures stakeholders fully adopt the new online system. As a result, this multi-year technology deployment is benefiting from more informed and engaged end users, who are fully supported before, during and after the technology change. Our team produces targeted videos, high impact educational materials, and timely website updates to convey the system changes and benefits.