Stories of Change
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We strive to communicate in a way that is accessible to everyone. Our Stories of Change video includes an audio description and captions. Here is a full transcript with image descriptions.

This past year, we have experienced tremendous challenges and hardship. Yet, we have also seen remarkable stories of resilience and innovation.

Our “Stories for Change” initiative helps us learn from our collective experiences and all become better drivers of change.

We are inviting our partners, clients, employees and colleagues to answer these questions:

What did you face? What did you learn?

Public Service Recognition Week - Story Jam

Story Jam: Celebrate Public Service Recognition Week

We received over two dozen submissions and are excited to share some of these stories with you! Please join our Story Jam to hear more from leaders in our community and their experiences in and out of government during this unprecedented year. Our goal is to help build our collective muscles to be better at change in service of the American public.

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