Stories of Digital Transformation Inspire Learning and Action

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Stories of Digital Transformation Inspire Learning and Action

By Joiwind Ronen, Wheelhouse Group Partner and Story Jam Host

Joiwind Ronen

Over the past year we collected and shared stories of change and the lessons learned from these experiences. We have been hard at work distilling them into insights and actions that will help our whole community become better at change.

Last month we hosted our second Story Jam to focus specifically on stories of digital transformation from government agencies such as the IRS, VA and GSA. We also heard from their key partners and Digital Services Coalition (DSC) member companies Ad Hoc, CivicActions and Mediabarn.

Our seven storytellers shared their experience and hard-earned lessons about the art and science of digital transformation. Here is a roundup of what we heard. We hope this will inspire you to listen to the full recording on our Stories of Change page.

  1. Leverage what you already have. Use appreciative inquiry to build on what has come before so that you can improve on it.
  2. Start with an accessibility first mindset to improve the user experience.
  3. Focus on internal customers as key stakeholders. Customer research can help build the story that inspires your team.
  4. Leverage micro consulting and simplified acquisitions to get work started quickly so outcomes can get into hands quicker.
  5. Focus on the complete user rather than the scope of a single project. Use the CX Executive Order as a guide.
  6. Slow down to speed up. Fully understand the behavior of users, validate the potential value of your approach and engage internal stakeholders.
  7. Effective transformation requires a solid partnership and open communication between government and industry.

Story Jam Digital Transformation

Jan 26, 2022

In addition to these great takeaways, speakers also shared these great resources to help us all on our journeys to digital transformation.