Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Leading readiness activities for agency-wide technology deployments

stakeholderHonest, empathic dialogue, targeted messaging, and early preparation: these are the elements of effective stakeholder engagement. If your organization doesn’t understand your stakeholders’ motivations and concerns and isn’t intentionally creating connections, you’ll struggle to harness the power that fully engaged stakeholders can offer. An ad-hoc approach can turn your stakeholders into just “people you communicate with,” rather than the driving force for change that they could be.

Our team of expert consultants delivers innovative, lasting stakeholder engagement and communications programs. We’re grounded in the belief that:

  • Enthusiastic people working together create lasting, positive change.
  • Stakeholder engagement and communications speeds delivery of new technology and processes and is essential to delivering complex programs that achieve the desired return on investment.
  • Effective stakeholder engagement increases employee morale and productivity.
  • Disengaged, unprepared stakeholders are the reason most transformations fail.

Wheelhouse Group ensures there is both near-term and long-term enthusiasm for the change initiatives on which we communicate. We work creatively to align people, actions, and results, driving both buy-in and adoption and building on decades of experience in successful stakeholder communications.

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What we offer

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Communication/campaign strategy
  • Message development
  • Communications execution
  • Event design & management

Our subject matter experts

Sonia Checchia headshotSonia Checchia
Practice Lead, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

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