Struggling with the management of over 150 simultaneous infrastructure projects, the Information Technology branch of a large federal agency turned to Wheelhouse Group for support.

With an unclear governance structure, many mission-critical and time-sensitive projects were not being given the executive attention they needed, while other less significant projects were consuming an inordinate amount of management time. Applying our expertise in executive coaching and our “connect the dots” view, our team established a prioritization, review and reporting process that improved project success and cross-divisional collaboration.


Our team began by reviewing the full breadth of projects in the portfolio and applying key criteria to identify the 25 top priority initiatives. Working with the leadership team, we established a tracking process and series of facilitated meetings that enabled the executive team to discuss issues, risks, and dependencies. We designed a Critical Project Dashboard which provides a consistent, high-level view of project health. The dashboard is used to review progress, identify duplicative activities, and provide early risk visibility. It encourages collaboration and provides an informative reporting tool that can be delivered to all project stakeholders.

Key Outcome/Key Data

By implementing Portfolio Management and Governance and enhancing communication throughout the IT division, we delivered the following results:

  • Successful and on-time delivery of priority projects
  • Improved project compliance
  • More effective alignment of management time against the highest priority initiatives
  • Dramatic decrease in the number of surprises and obstacles encountered
  • Increased ability to recognize issues and risks
  • Stronger connection and collaboration across the IT organization and the customer
Key Takeaway