A large governmental agency’s IT organization, faced with implementing a number of significant citizen-facing technology initiatives, engaged Wheelhouse Group to develop a plan to improve the IT staff’s ability to work together as a cohesive team.


To address this need, Wheelhouse Group designed and delivered a three-day Team Effectiveness Training course to provide intact or newly formed teams with the tools, strategies and interpersonal insights to:

  • Improve leadership behaviors of the team such as connecting to the broader picture and resolving issues peer-to-peer
  • Work together collaboratively, manage conflict, and resolve issues
  • Learn to understand, value and respect those who think differently or have different preferences
  • Develop processes to facilitate defining and managing the work
  • Strengthen teams’ ability to create effective processes to communicate effectively

The interactive program helped participants to make decisions, solve problems and achieve common goals – even when members have diverse personalities and opposing interests. Using examples of past successes and proven techniques, the workshop taught participants how to optimize their team to achieve greater effectiveness.

Key Outcome/Key Data

The Team Effectiveness Training was delivered to 15 teams over the course of a year. Each team had unique challenges, thus the business impact was different for each workshop. Through follow-up interviews conducted six months after the course, participants noted significant business successes that were enabled by the program:

  • Decreased Help Desk ticket processing time: As a result of improved team communication and collaboration, as well as greater understanding of work responsibilities and hand-offs among team members, time to process help desk tickets decreased, leading to improved customer satisfaction and savings for the organization.
  • Successful launch of new service offering: Team members learned to divide and assign work more effectively and improve their communication. These improvements supported a seamless product launch that was completed in a coordinated manner – executed on time and on budget;
  • Increased Customer Service Levels: Team members improved their cross-training and communications approach. They are now better prepared to provide back-up for on another, which has led to improved customer service levels for end users.
  • Streamlined Program Re-Organization: During the three-day workshop, the team worked on building a RACI chart for their major programs. This activity cleared up many misunderstandings (and trust issues) and enabled the team to seamlessly transition a major program to another division without an interruption in service.
Key Takeaway