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Vicky Czaplewski


Practice Lead, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

Vicky Czaplewski has more than 35 years of experience supporting change management, stakeholder engagement and communications initiatives in both the public and private sectors. As a Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Practice Lead, Vicky develops change management and stakeholder engagement plans that strengthen strategic alignment and deliver employee engagement activities, events and communications that drive culture change.

What I love about our work
Coming from an IT background, I’m delighted to connect with dedicated IT professionals who are proud of their accomplishments, passionate about technology and eager to make their workplace the best it can be.

What I love about Stakeholder Engagement & Communications
I cherish the discipline of fully attuning to the customer’s requirements, voice, style and goals – this level of attention ensures that our communications resonate with authenticity.

My husband and I love cooking together.