Throughout his career, Steve has been a change agent. He was part of the team that first used the internet at Eli Lilly in the early 1990s to interact with patients and share disease management information. At Corning, he led the adoption of PeopleSoft’s newly released Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management software to automate those processes. Steve served as the first CIO of the newly formed Department of Homeland Security and guided the deployment of the department’s network and infrastructure to combine 22 components and more than 100,000 employees.

Since his retirement from federal government service in 2017, Steve has served as an Executive Advisor to several federal agencies and as a Board Member and Advisor to many companies, both public and private. Most recently he has been a member of Dell’s Federal Advisory Board, Samsung’s Federal Advisory Council, and Symantec’s Federal Advisory Board until its acquisition by Broadcom.

Steve’s areas of expertise and experience include strategy development, strategy into action, performance management/metrics, risk management, cybersecurity strategy, business growth strategy and actions, IT modernization, IT shared services, IT as-a-service, IT budgeting and life cycle cost management, IT governance and compliance, and master data management.

Cooper received a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University and was honorably discharged as a Naval Air Reserve petty officer following service during the Vietnam War. He is the father of four daughters, which remains his most significant and rewarding challenge.