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Sonia ChecchiaSonia

Practice Lead, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

As Wheelhouse’s Practice Lead for Stakeholder Engagement and Communications, Sonia works to ensure her clients’ most important message are heard. A trained linguist with 20+ years of experience, Sonia’s toolbox includes stakeholder engagement, communications, change management and event design. At Wheelhouse Group, she has supported multiple clients in the IT space with executive and employee communications.

Sonia was previously at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she held several roles focused on people programs, including leadership development, diversity and employee training.

What I love about our work
It is incredibly satisfying to work with clients who are aligned to the mission of their organizations. There’s a deep sense of patriotism among our government clients, and that inspires hard work and dedication. It’s an honor to be part of such a caring community.

What I love about Stakeholder Engagement & Communications
I grew up in a bilingual household (Italian/English). This environment nurtured a love of languages and also a keen interest in misunderstandings. This means I’m tuned into what causes them and how to avoid them. In consulting with clients on large change initiatives, employee messaging or executive communications, I know how to help curb resistance by asking, “Can I draft that for you?”



I love cooking, baking and crafts. I’m always looking for an excuse to host the next party.