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Rianne Rome


Practice Lead, Workforce Transformation

Rianne has been empowering both government and private sector organizations and individuals to succeed for more than 25 years. Whether running human resources for a prominent educational travel provider, overseeing talent development strategy at a global logistics firm, or working as a consultant with a network of government and university entities, she leverages her expertise in business and organizational development to help others achieve their dreams. As part of our workforce transformation practice, Rianne is helping our clients evolve for the better and deliver on their mission.

What I love about our team
I love how our team genuinely collaborates with our clients at the FAA to create a dynamic synergy, increase employee engagement, encourage creativity, and foster effective solutions. The FAA’s continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. What impresses me most is not just their mission, but also their leadership team, who actively supports succession planning and career development. With the FAA, the sky is truly the limit!

What you love about Workforce Transformation
I once met a family of Dutch entrepreneurs who started a very successful business in New Zealand. When I complemented them on their success, they told me something I never forgot – “ziezo.” They said it was loosely translated into French as “voilà” or into English as “a-ha” but is more accurately described as the moment when someone changes their destiny and realizes a dream. For me, I love being a part of those “ziezo” moments and seeing the joy it brings.

Image used with permission © Rianne Rome

I enjoy travel photography as well as environmental and wildlife conservation. I have great memories of trips with National Geographic and the Smithsonian.