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Rhett SkeltonRhett

Managing Director, Business Operations
Practice Lead, Artificial Intelligence Integration

Rhett’s LinkedIn profile

Rhett is a business leader who has spent the last 20 years working with federal, commercial and non-profit entities to implement large-scale, complex initiatives. Today he leads Wheelhouse’s Business Operations and co-leads our Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice.

Prior to Wheelhouse, Rhett led a business intelligence consulting firm with commercial clients and worked for Booz Allen Hamilton. Rhett has worked with Fortune 500 companies to coordinate the analysis of large data sets, custom research solutions and development of AI-related solutions.

What I love about Artificial Intelligence
AI shifts more than how we work; it changes how we think about our work. The initial insights from AI can inform a new understanding of the business and its customers, unveiling connections between the unexpected.

What I love about our team
Everyone at Wheelhouse is an expert in their field, who cares as much about their client as their colleagues.



I’ve traveled to almost every state. One of my life goals is to visit all of our National Parks.