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Rebecca CiminoRebecca

Practice Lead,
Cloud Adoption

Rebecca has 30+ years of experience architecting solutions, building team cohesion and delivering results. As a Cloud Adoption Practice Lead, she is passionate about helping her clients navigate cloud-based digital transformations. Rebecca is a strong advocate of customer satisfaction and works hard to ensure clients’ needs are met or exceeded. She collaborates with stakeholders and business partners to provide clear, data driven outcomes to support her clients’ actions and decisions.

What I love about our work
The workplace flexibility afforded to Wheelhouse employees, combined with exceptional client and business partners, makes the challenging work enjoyable and the successes sweeter!

What I love about Cloud Adoption
I am energized by today’s rapidly expanding technology delivery systems and options. My ultimate goal is to help clients successfully navigate to their best digital transformation solution.


I love to travel both stateside and abroad. My chase of those elusive Aurora Borealis continues—Iceland, Scotland and Alaska…here I come!