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Michelle ConklinMichelle

Engagement Lead, Internal Revenue Service
Practice Lead, Technology Adoption

Michelle has nearly 25 years of leadership and consulting experience in Information Technology in both the government and private sectors. She is a Technology Adoption Practice Lead and has demonstrated repeated success partnering with clients on key technology adoption initiatives. Michelle provides strategic and tactical expertise in the areas of transition management, communications, implementation planning, project management and workforce development with assignments ranging from C-level strategic consulting to hands-on project management and delivery.

What I love about our work
Being part of a flawlessly implemented solution for our clients is motivating and satisfying. We strive to collaborate with our clients to help their organizations learn and improve for lasting impact. Our clients trust us to deliver and go above and beyond to create superior results.

What I love about Tech Adoption
I love being a key part of our client’s technology deployments. Bringing solutions that help maintain alignment across all impacted stakeholders leads to users who embrace the technology. Applying distinctive expertise in change management, communications, project management and organizational development for tech adoption is powerful and quite satisfying.


I grew up on a farm in Northern New York and love to spend free time in any country setting camping, hiking and swimming.