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Melanie HallMelanie

Engagement Lead, Department of Justice

Melanie is an accomplished leader for IT-driven projects that significantly change how people work. She partners with executives, managers and their workforce to build support and cooperation among people who are faced with change, and to achieve measurable results that reflect shared goals. Melanie helps agency and corporate leaders and teams re-imagine interdependent business workflows and modernize how they process and share information.

At Wheelhouse Group, Melanie leads stakeholder engagement and communications projects that involve enterprise–wide technology adoption initiatives. She has expertise in technology adoption, communications strategy, message development, process improvement, benchmarking, stakeholder analysis, business case development and training.

What I love about our work
It is really energizing when people begin to see the value and potential of a project and throw themselves into making it successful.

What I love about Technology Adoption
Often technology adoption projects are not just about the benefits of that project, but also about the benefits that project makes possible for the future.


I began my career as a design engineer for the Atlas Centaur rocket program, working on ways to lighten the structure and to customize the interface for each satellite.