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Martha AndersonMartha Anderson

Practice Lead,
Organizational Change Management

Marti has over 20 years of experience in leading, developing and strengthening organizations, teams and individuals to reach their highest potential. She has worked in multiple industries including global commercial and government consulting, engineering/construction and academia. Marti is known for her ability to facilitate, drive and achieve major change with a collaborative, integrated and human focus.

The spark for Marti’s commitment and dedication to change management came from her early career where she focused on enterprise learning growth and culture initiatives. She has been actively honing her skills throughout her career and experience, including getting certified as a change management professional and an executive leadership coach. Marti’s clients say they love how she quickly gets up to speed on their business objectives and turns ambiguous situations into clear paths forward to achieve results

What I love about our work
I am grateful to be able to give leaders the kind of confidential and safe place to gain deeper self-awareness, understand their impact on others, learn how to shift ‘in the moment’ for the best result and ultimately, help them to carry out a highly successful business transformation.

What I love about Organizational Change Management
With Organizational Change Management, the entire objective is to help people gain comfort, agility and success with change. When people gain confidence with the new way, they have shown themselves they can learn new things and that creates a path for future learning (and a happy, resilient life).


The water is my go-to respite. I have sailed across Lake Michigan from Saugatuck, MI to Chicago and have bare boat chartered in the Virgin Islands on many occasions.