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Laura Meyer


Practice Lead, Technology Adoption

Laura has over twenty years of experience in change management, project management, and internal communications, focused on medium-scale and large-scale technology adoption initiatives.  She began her career in Federal government health policy consulting, then transitioned to the private sector and technology. Laura is the Practice Lead for Technology Adoption and works with stakeholders at all levels of an organization to implement new technology. She’s also leading Wheelhouse Group’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Council.

What I love about our work
I love the focus at Wheelhouse, which is on what you are helping the client achieve. I love the culture, which is low on drama and high on understanding each other and working together. And I love the people, who are smart, personable, confident professionals.

What I love about Tech Adoption

I adore making things easier for people! That’s why society develops technology in the first place: to make people’s lives easier.  However, people need to understand a new technology, both “why” and “how to,” to be successful, and that’s where technology adoption comes in.

I love logic problems and puzzles. One of my favorite gifts was a box of 20 logic problem magazines with over 1,900 total puzzles.