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Joiwind RonenJoiwind

Partner and Managing Director, Strategy and Growth

Joiwind’s LinkedIn profile

Joiwind Ronen has spent the past 20 years pursuing her passion to help mission-driven organizations better serve the needs of the American public. She uses her skills as a strategist, change agent, and facilitator to engage stakeholders and increase their impact. At Wheelhouse Group, she leads company strategy, builds partner relationships and oversees a portfolio of client engagements.

Joiwind founded Ethos Strategic Consulting in 2005, which was acquired by Wheelhouse Group in 2019. Prior, she was the Executive Director of ACT/IAC and a managing director at Touchstone Consulting (now GDIT). Joiwind began her career leading the eGovernment Consortium at the Council for Excellence in Government.

What I love about our work
I come to work each day motivated to make an impact. I love working at Wheelhouse because we see tangible results month after month – making the government more effective, efficient and transparent in service of the American public.

What I love about our team
I enjoy working with a group of people who are experts in their fields and have honed their skills working with top leaders. I learn something new almost every day.


I once spent a year backpacking across Asia and volunteering with girls in India.