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Corinne WeibleCorinne

Practice Lead, Inclusion & Accessibility

Corinne Weible has almost 20 years experience leading programs and partnerships with diverse audiences and stakeholders for mission-driven organizations. She currently serves as Co-Director of the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology, supporting the Future of Work Initiative for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy. In this role, she works to advance the accessibility of emerging workplace technology, such as Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence, to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities

Previously, Corinne worked with public libraries, where she led advocacy campaigns, professional development programs, and community outreach efforts to help marginalized groups with diverse needs access library services. During her tenure, she helped the Finger Lakes Library System restructure and modernize the Outreach Department, enabling agile responses and new partnership-led initiatives to serve a wider range of needs across 33 libraries. As Director of Programs for the National Council for History Education, she oversaw curricula design and professional development programs for teachers nationwide.

What I love about our work:
The process of democratizing knowledge and making complex ideas accessible. It’s always exciting to help clients amplify the impact of their work and expertise by pairing accessible, engaging content with targeting messaging and partnership building to reach a broader audience.

What I love about working in Inclusion & Accessibility
Effecting real change is challenging, but so very possible. Technology, for example, offers great potential to build a more equitable world. Creating technology that understands and serves diverse needs is also such a solvable issue, because we can design it however we like. It’s really an awareness and communication problem, and it is deeply rewarding to help bridge that gap.


Birdwatching is a great passion of mine and has taught me new ways of perceiving the world around me. This heightened observational eye helps me notice essential details on the periphery—and creative solutions for our clients.