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Bill Curtis-DavidsonBill Curtis-Davidson

Practice Lead,
Artificial Intelligence Integration

Bill is a creative technologist who has spent the last 20+ years advancing inclusive product design and strategic accessibility practices for clients in multiple industries. He uses his skills as a strategic consultant, program leader and product designer to engage stakeholders and increase their impact. At Wheelhouse Group, Bill serves as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration Practice Lead with a special focus on AI ethics, fairness and social justice, with a focus on people with disabilities. Bill’s work centers around HR technologies, but also explores how AI intersects with emerging technologies such as Extended Reality, Automated Vehicles and more.

Before he joined Wheelhouse Group, Bill developed and led a new accessibility program for Magic Leap, a startup offering complex, new mixed reality products. Over the course of his career, Bill has served in roles as diverse as assistive technology researcher (Georgia Tech), UX / accessibility consultant/executive architect (IBM), and strategic accessibility consultant (Level Access). Bill also serves on the External Advisory Board of the Georgia Tech Human-Computer Interaction Degree Program.

What I love about our work
Helping our clients achieve long-term impact, especially in areas that consider human diversity as a catalyst for product and service design innovation. Collaborating with clients and their stakeholders to influence the inclusive and responsible design of emerging technologies.

What I love about Artificial Intelligence
AI technology products and integrations need to consider human diversity in order to be effective. I love exploring AI ethics issues and solutions with our clients, to help ensure AI is integrated into the workplace and larger society in as responsible a manner as possible.

What I love about our team
Being part of a workplace that values inclusion, wellness and trust-based relationships is important to me. I also enjoy working with a team of entrepreneurial, experienced and highly skilled consultants who excel at steering complex business and technology transformation efforts.


My first college degree is a Bachelor of Fine Art with an individualized major in drawing, printmaking and computer graphics. My arts background prepares me for the new creative economy by encouraging me to have a critical mindset, engage with people to discuss complex ideas and employ systems thinking.