Beth McDonald co-founded Wheelhouse Group in 2003 to help guide organizations of all sizes to realize the power of integrated communications and change management to bring about lasting behavioral change. She has more than 30 years of consulting experience in organization transformation, process improvement, strategic communications, leadership development, strategic planning, workforce transformation, and culture change for federal agencies, associations, non-profits, and commercial organizations. At Wheelhouse Group, Beth oversees customer experience and quality and personnel culture and experience.

Before founding Wheelhouse Group, she led corporate organizational change initiatives at American Management Systems (now CGI), launched its executive development program, and led the organizational change efforts for large-scale technology deployments at several Federal agencies.

Beth is the co-author of The Method and The Magic: Every Leader’s Guide to Making Transformational Change Happen. Beth is a frequent speaker on organizational change, high performing teams, leadership dynamics and trust.

What I love about our work
I love when I see a change that a client has been leading with our support finally take hold in the organization with positive results.

What I love about our team
I love that we blend-in to our client teams, seamlessly work with all parties involved, and simply-put, are pleasant to be around.


In high school I was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest Twister game (record has since been beat!)