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Whether internal or external, customer engagement is all about relationships and trust

Virtually serving your internal customers in confident, transparent, and caring ways is just as important as delivering for your external customers. Lee Frothingham shares some useful insight to ensure employee experience isn’t forgotten as we are all learning to adjust to living in a virtual world.

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Creating accessible digital communication

Always start a project with accessibility in mind! Whether you’re writing a document, creating a graphic or developing a presentation, it’s much easier to begin with that mindset than it is to retrofit. Here are some fantastic tips and resources to get you started!

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Want to learn about DevOps in government?

Wheelhouse Group is thrilled to announce a recent collaboration with the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) to co-author and release the “DevOps Primer.” It provides recommendations from government and industry leaders to identify and explore the culture, practice, and tools to advance DevOps.

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Power through vulnerability: the new chapter in leadership

What do leading with vulnerability and IT transformational efforts like DevOps have in common? Learn more about how these methods can help your team accomplish its goals.

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Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities: how XR will shape how you work

We’ve all seen examples of virtual or augmented reality, or at least can conjure some images of what it entails…but let’s consider the potential workplace applications for the tech driving these experiences.

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Plan a year’s worth of employee engagement activities in an hour

We know that employee engagement is important, yet it still falls through the cracks in our workdays. Twelve no – or low-cost ideas to help you get started. Download our planning tool to kick things off.

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DevOps is marketing

DevOps is about more than process improvement and new tools — it’s really about marketing. By shifting your mindset, you can help convince others of its benefits and help to spread those benefits to everyone.

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Managing change when your project has no end

Most change management is about planning for a big event, a big “bang.” That bang might be an office move, merging with another division, a new system cut over, or many other things. But, how do you manage change when it’s ongoing? That’s the challenge of DevOps.

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You’re not uniquely dysfunctional. Neither is your DevOps team

IT professionals sometimes fall back on the belief that they’re uniquely dysfunctional as an excuse not to act. Under the influence of this attitude, your team clearly won’t be able to accomplish anything great.

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How to make the most of your FEVS data

It’s critical that managers selectively focus on key questions in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

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