Organizational Change Management

Becoming adept at change is critical, yet few things are more challenging

people and arrowsEffective change management is about navigating a moment in time, and then creating the organizational will, resilience and muscle memory that encourage individuals and teams to embrace and adopt new ideas.

When we approach a change management project, we look beyond the initial catalyst for change. We know that change has a lifecycle and does not happen in a vacuum. A problem with change today could be a problem with communication or team dynamics or training tomorrow.

We are firm believers that:

  • How an organization manages change — the strategies, approaches and messaging used — can take a team from disinterest or resistance to embracing new ideas and delivering high performance.
  • The key to designing the right change management approach is to gain a deep understanding of the motivations and concerns of the various stakeholder groups.
  • Effective change management creates a shift in behaviors, greater employee engagement, and enthusiasm for new, shared initiatives.

Our proprietary methodology enables us to help our clients navigate their change initiatives and come out the other side thriving. We work creatively to align people, actions, and results, driving both buy-in and adoption, and building on decades of experience.

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What we offer

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational assessment
  • Culture change
  • Organizational design
  • Change readiness
  • Change management

Our subject matter expert

Danielle Germain headshotDanielle Germain
Managing Director, Client Engagements;
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