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Master Storytelling – Story Jam Highlights

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Master Storytelling – Story Jam Highlights Transcript

Narrator: A mosaic of pictures representing a variety of people of different races, age, and gender appear on the screen with new portraits being added to the group. A title box appears over this image. 

Narrator: Top five superpowers every change leader needs – superpower number five: master storytelling. 

In honor of public service recognition week, Wheelhouse Group held our first ever Story Jam. We learned that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have to connect to others. 

[Clip from Story Jam]

Anne Shepherd, Associate Chief Information Officer for User and Network Services at the IRS: After months and months of talking about Winnie, she was finally here! Some people were excited that Winnie was here, while others were quite apprehensive. Winnie was new, she was different, and she definitely meant change was coming. You see, Winnie is a chatbot and this was the first of her kind at the IRS.

[Clip from Story Jam]

Richard Crespin, CEO of CollaborateUp and Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies: Wildlife crime. The illegal trade in endangered species has become one of the world’s largest black markets – funding criminal syndicates, fueling transnational terrorism and (many scientists now think) the spread of zoonotic diseases including SARS-CoV-2. 

[Clip from Story Jam] 

Amy Fong, Statistician at the Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy: So, I started having monthly calls with everyone at FTA [Federal Transit Administration] that worked with tribes, kind of setting up a community of practice. And honestly, these calls were really awkward at first. And I did these awkward calls for a year before something changed.   

Narrator: To learn more about how you can be an effective storyteller so you can better connect and make an impact, visit our stories of change initiative at

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