Inclusion & Accessibility

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inclusion iconToday’s leaders in government and industry recognize the need to develop innovative approaches to support Americans, including those with significant barriers to employment, gain access to high-quality jobs and pursue rewarding careers

Wheelhouse Group works at the intersection of talent, education, workforce systems, industry, advocacy and government to break down barriers, create opportunity, build new skills and support full employment for underrepresented groups.

We lead government and nonprofit programs to increase the employment of people with disabilities, youth, veterans and those returning to work. Our team develops robust programs and technical assistance for industry partners, jobseekers, workforce systems, and community organizations around such topics as inclusion, WIOA, and digital accessibility.

The work we do has received international recognition including the 2021 Zero Project Award for our cross-sector partnership promoting accessible technology in employment.

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Currently, over 25% of our client work supports DEIA. However, we believe it isn’t enough to simply assist in our clients’ DEIA practices. We must embody this culture ourselves and serve as a leader among our peers.

Read about our own ongoing journey to inclusion.

What we offer

  • Digital accessibility
  • Technical assistance
  • Workforce inclusion
  • Inclusive apprenticeships
  • Policy support
  • Cross-sector stakeholder engagement
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibity (DEIA) planning and execution

Our subject matter experts

Martina FongyenMartina Fongyen
Practice Lead,
Inclusion & Accessibility

Josh ChristiansonJosh Christianson
Practice Lead,
Inclusion & Accessibility

Corinne WeibleCorinne Weible
Practice Lead,
Inclusion & Accessibility

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