Brilliant Execution

We move organizations from Reluctance to ResultsTM.

We work collaboratively with our clients – turning ideas and aspirations into a clear vision and a roadmap for implementation.

Align the Right Resources

Our hand-selected consultants are senior practitioners who have worked in business and government their entire careers. We hire exclusively from our trusted professional network, and we align experts with 15-20+ years of experience to meet each specific client need.

Listen and Learn

An important component of any consulting relationship is listening and understanding the complexities our clients face. We foster long-term relationships with our clients and develop a deep understanding of how their organizations function.


We sketch out plans that are realistic and executable. We are honest in our assessments, share pitfalls we have witnessed, and develop targeted, actionable milestones. We balance big picture thinking with close attention to detail to ensure successful results.

Execute and Measure Results

We work seamlessly with your team to drive the execution. We develop thorough plans and efficiently run projects to reach your milestones, continuously measuring progress and impact.

Most of all, we enjoy building relationships and having fun at work!

“Wow! I don’t know how you do it, but this work is awesome. It speaks volumes for what we have had to do in a short time frame – with just a few phone calls to bring it all together. This has really been true teamwork between our communications team and Wheelhouse Group.” -Wheelhouse Group Client

“You all are the best people I’ve ever worked with. I hope one day to be as smart and skilled as you all are…I don’t know what I would have done without this team and what you all bring to the table.” -Wheelhouse Group Client

“I don’t know where you find your people but everyone I have every worked with from Wheelhouse Group is top-notch.” -Wheelhouse Group Client