Stories of Change Series 2022

Digital Transformation: It’s all about the People

Thank you for continuing to send us your Stories of Change and participating in our recent Story Jam. We heard that you want to learn more about how to ensure that the people – employees, stakeholders, partners and the American public – are front in center in your work. This year we are focusing on the people side of digital services and digital transformation, and we will be sharing tips, resources and videos to help you succeed. 

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3 starsImproving Customer Experience and Service Delivery

Last year we ended our Top 5 superpowers countdown with a focus on Customer Experience (CX). However, we shared these tips and resource BEFORE the President’s December 13 CX Executive Order. This seminal directive lays out specific policies, actions and accountability measures for government agencies to transform the customer experience. We are providing additional articles and resources to help our community put this guidance into action.

Delivering on the CX Presidential Order: Start Turning your Vision into Results

By Mara Goldberg, Practice Lead, Delivering CX, Wheelhouse Group
Mara Goldberg

Customer Experience (CX) is how customers perceive and engage with an organization, throughout the full lifecycle of their interaction. In today’s world, rapid technological advances have a significant impact on these interactions. In response, there has been a recent, substantial shift in the way leading organizations think about CX. And it is working. Organizations with great CX initiatives have identified measurable benefits: increased customer satisfaction, engaged employees and revenue growth.  

This combination of rapidly changing innovation and the positive outcomes of CX has made investing in CX more important than ever. When private organizations don’t focus on CX, it impacts their bottom line. Digital innovation has made it easier for new companies to enter the market, increasing competition. And because consumers are more willing (and able) to adopt new technologies and products, their loyalty to specific brands decreases.  

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CX Deep Dive: Meeting the Needs of the Complete User

Joiwind RonenBy Joiwind Ronen, Partner and Managing Director, Wheelhouse Group

At the recent Story Jam: Digital Transformation Edition, I hosted a panel of expert strategists and technologists to share stories of transformations and modernization efforts – big and small.

Our speakers discussed how government is working to improve the customer experience for the American people. They acknowledged that we now rely on ubiquitous access and just-in-time support in our private-sector interactions. It’s simply the norm. They shared examples of how the government is working hard to model the same conveniences in accessible, equitable and secure ways.

As part of this discussion, our storytellers referenced the importance of focusing on the “complete user.” It’s a thread that I wanted to pull as we all look to implement the December 2021 Executive Order to transform the federal customer experience.

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