DevOps Culture Building

DevOps is a culture change, not just a technology change

DevOps iconAt its core, DevOps is an organizational philosophy that promotes collaboration on a continuous basis between the business function, the development (Dev) teams and IT operations (Ops). Done well, a DevOps culture breaks down silos between these organizations and allows them to deliver high-quality solutions faster.

Sounds incredibly promising, right? It is. But moving to a DevOps culture requires a shift across the entire IT organization. People must be supported and encouraged as they move away from familiar and ingrained (and sometimes siloed) ways of doing things in order to deliver on the promise of DevOps. And effectively engaging a variety of stakeholders throughout the process is essential.

Wheelhouse Group understands the theory and practice around DevOps and the technology used to support it. We are experienced in the organizational components that are necessary to build a DevOps culture, from executive buy-in and communication, to skills training to metric development. We help IT leaders work within their organizations to overcome institutional resistance, manage coordination with other teams and navigate shifting governance structures.

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What we offer

  • Change readiness
  • Agile communications and tailored message development
  • Targeted training, workshops, and tech session materials (FAQs, scripts, call prompts)
  • Rapid process improvement
  • Event planning and facilitation
  • Strategic planning and road mapping
  • Performance measurement
  • Workforce skill gap analysis

Our subject matter experts

Kendra HartmannKendra Hartmann
Practice Lead,
DevOps Mindset

Insights on DevOps Culture Building