DevOps Culture Building

DevOps is a mindset. And while new tools and processes are critical, building a culture that promotes a more collaborative, iterative way of working together and encourages people to give up ingrained practices is the only way to achieve the full DevOps promise.

Rebooting deeply rooted cultural habits is critical to delivering on the promise of DevOps for IT and the business. IT must shift to an iterative workstyle, foster teamwork across divisions, enhance communication with the business, and support continuous learning. Leaders play an essential role in supporting this shift. They must be actively engaged, demonstrating their own willingness to learn and grow, and supporting teams in their experimentation.

At Wheelhouse Group, our specialized approach guides organizations through the shift to this new way of working. Our method taps into the unique motivators of each stakeholder group to engage them in change. We’ve proven that a strong focus on people leads to significant results in DevOps implementation efforts.

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Where we’re making an impact…

Moving From Agile to Rapid Deployment Using DevOps

Wheelhouse Group is driving culture change within a 7000-person federal IT organization as it employs DevOps to implement its modernization plan. We are facilitating organizational change management for DevOps processes and software implementations. Our work focuses on three areas:

  • Executive engagement, by modeling DevOps buy-in and support at the top
  • Broad stakeholder engagement by building awareness and engaging stakeholders across groups with broad-based communications activities to showcase how the future state differs from current state
  • Driving DevOps cultural characteristics across the IT organization, through a communications program that highlights the results of “Being DevOps”

ACT-IAC Emerging Technology and DevOps Industry Partner

Wheelhouse Group is an ACT-IACT industry partner and our top expert currently co-chairs the DevOps Working Group. Wheelhouse co-authored the DevOps Primer that shares recommendations from government and industry leaders to identify and explore the culture, practice and tools to advance DevOps.

What we offer
  • Change readiness
  • Agile communications and tailored message development
  • Targeted training, workshops, and tech session materials (FAQs, scripts, call prompts)
  • Rapid process improvement
  • Event planning and facilitation
  • Strategic Planning & Road Mapping
  • Performance measurement
  • Workforce skill gap analysis