Delivering Customer Experience (CX)

We all know great service when we experience it. Those in the service delivery business also know the enterprise-wide effort it takes to provide it. Great customer experiences don’t just happen, they are intentionally designed and built into the way the best organizations operate.

Consistently delivering the ideal customer experience (CX), for internal or external customers, starts with a new way of engaging people. At Wheelhouse Group, we bring providers together with their customers to jointly create the Journey Map that defines their interactions.

The Journey Map provides the vision and guides the transformation, but it’s just the first step. Shifting deep-rooted employee behaviors, overcoming reluctance, and equipping the workforce to deliver service excellence are the essential components to making the vision a reality. We help leaders and teams design a customer-focused culture and deliver experiences customers value.

Our method focuses on evaluating the environment and tapping into the unique motivators of various stakeholder groups to engage them in change.

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Where we’re making an impact…

Creating a World Class Customer Service Organization

Wheelhouse Group is helping to improve how a federal agency’s IT Help desk delivers modernized operations and technology deployments to 100,000 employees. Through an IT awareness campaign, journey mapping, a standardized communications toolkit, and robust self-help website resources, Wheelhouse Group is helping the IT organization to shift their culture and behaviors to a customer-focused mindset. The results are improved employee satisfaction scores, reduced call volume and increased speed of answer, and more timely deployment messaging.

Developing a customer experience improvement plan for an IT organization

For an IT organization within a federal agency, Wheelhouse Group developed a Customer Experience (CX) Improvement Plan to focus on five customer journeys. For each journey, our team worked with the IT leadership to prioritize quick wins and longer-term actions that deliver an improved customer experience and enhanced agency reputation. We are supporting this effort with customer experience workshops, a toolkit and training for project managers, a testimonial-style rebranding campaign, and a framework for standardizing incident management and deployment management communications. The client is benefitting from internal improvements in role definition and understanding among agency staff and contractors, a well-documented governance and escalation process, clearly defined performance metrics, and more timely messaging that is resulting in better service deliver to its internal customers.

What we offer
  • Conducting CX assessments
  • Identifying customer personas and the unique needs of each
  • Communicating with tailored, powerful messages
  • Removing barriers to service delivery
  • Reforming processes, tools and skills from a CX perspective
  • Focusing on continuous improvement, based on the voice of the customer
  • Tracking qualitative and quantitative metrics