Cybersecurity Mindset

The latest technologies simply aren’t enough – your employees need a holistic cybersecurity mindset to secure your organization

Rapidly evolving in scale, sophistication and capability, today’s digital threats involve deceptive social engineering tactics and user-centric attacks to steal data and compromise entire business and government systems.

The unfortunate reality is that people – not an absence of secure technology or policies – represent the greatest cybersecurity weakness. The best tools and processes simply aren’t enough to build a cybersecure organization. Employees at every level must be meaningfully engaged, equipped and prepared to develop, use, operate and follow security policies. It is therefore imperative that leaders create shared responsibility and change behaviors in order to reduce security vulnerabilities and thwart attacks.

Wheelhouse Group works closely with cybersecurity experts to seamlessly integrate organizational change management and communications into cybersecurity planning. We use proven tools and methodologies to communicate policies and processes, build cybersecurity awareness, and design training plans so that the entire organization adopts a security mindset.

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Our subject matter experts

Kathi ScottKathi Scott
Engagement Lead, Bureau of the Fiscal Service; Practice Lead, Cybersecurity Mindset
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Where we’re making an impact…

Creating a “cyber smart” culture in government

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service supports citizens, businesses and government clients, and manages access to a wide range of financial data. A robust cybersecurity posture is essential…and then some. Wheelhouse Group partners with a prominent cybersecurity contractor to make it happen. Together, we stood up a Cybersecurity Strategy Center and built agency-wide awareness of cyber threats and the initiatives to combat them as part of our effort to cement a strong cybersecurity culture. Our experts provide support to help employees identify personal cybersecurity skill development opportunities, such as those tied to the NIST NICE framework. We develop and execute scalable and repeatable organizational change management strategies to help employees adapt to evolving cybersecurity policies and practices.

Developing cybersecurity credentials among leaders

To address the growing need for cybersecurity skills at the leadership level, Wheelhouse Group supported a Department of the Treasury initiative to conduct a broad assessment and create individual/ team development plans. A key component of this initiative was the development of new cybersecurity cohort curriculum, designed to give enrolled leaders a path to develop their cybersecurity credentials. The curriculum included six components – cyber competencies, specialty tracks, experiential learning, professional certifications, mentoring and cyber advocacy – and coursework considered essential for cyber professionals. Our work is enabling both leaders and IT employees to deliver innovative, secure solutions that shape the agency’s future.

What we offer

  • Cyber program strategy communications planning and execution
  • Stakeholder needs assessments and engagement
  • Organizational alignment to cybersecurity strategy
  • Workforce skill analysis
  • Training needs assessments
  • Cybersecurity workshop design and facilitation

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