Cybersecurity Mindset

The unintentional actions of a single employee can create a cybersecurity crisis. Building a strong, security mindset among your employees is as important as advanced cyber technologies and processes. When this critical responsibility becomes a core element of your organization’s culture, everyone sleeps better.

Most cybersecurity experts agree that the human factor in IT security can represent the greatest organizational weakness — even more than the absence of secure technology or policies. Successful organizations create shared responsibility by building the mindset and training on the behaviors necessary to reduce security vulnerability.

Our cyber behavior experts at Wheelhouse Group engage stakeholders in all areas – IT and the business – to explain cyber policies and processes, build cybersecurity awareness, and develop training plans to guide the entire organization to adopt a security mindset. Wheelhouse Group works closely with cybersecurity experts to seamlessly integrate organizational change management and communications into cybersecurity planning, all while meeting the business need for responsiveness and resiliency.

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Where we’re making an impact…

Creating a “Cyber Smart” Culture in Government

Wheelhouse Group teamed with a prominent cybersecurity contractor to build a foundation for improved cybersecurity posture and culture across a large government agency. Together with the client, we:

  • Stood up a Cybersecurity Strategy Center with functions, charters, and communication/collaboration vehicles
  • Built agency-wide awareness through a multi-pronged cybersecurity campaign and communications plan focused on employee actions to protect systems and data from cyberattacks
  • Engaged stakeholders through assessments, education, communication and outreach
  • Addressed cybersecurity skills/proficiency gaps through training and upskilling
  • Overcame barriers by using organizational change management strategies that helped Information System Security Officers and other stakeholders to excel in their roles.
What we offer
  • Cyber Program Strategy Communications Planning and Execution
  • Stakeholder Needs Assessments and Engagement
  • Organizational Alignment to Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Workforce Skill Analysis
  • Training Needs Assessments and Cybersecurity Curriculum Development
  • Cybersecurity Workshop Design and Facilitation