Delivering Customer Experience (CX)

Creating the ideal customer experience is a marathon, not a sprint

Delivering exceptional CX requires passion, a customer-centric mindset and deliberate planning and execution. Every experience, every touchpoint requires careful planning and execution to delight customers.

Companies such as Amazon, Apple and other innovators outpace their competitors because they relentlessly keep CX top-of-mind. They leverage best-in-class CX methodologies, personalization technology, AI and other tools that are changing customer expectations about how their experiences should feel. These companies understand that these investments will pay for themselves in reduced operating costs.

Federal agencies must keep pace by ensuring that their people, working in service of a compelling vision and a detailed CX roadmap, deliver the ideal experience time and time again. Together with your leadership team our experts will help define your CX vision, identify and engage with your customers, and design and facilitate journey mapping exercises using personas to pinpoint your most important customer interactions. We understand that designing successful CX campaigns isn’t about managing a checklist but producing a shift in thinking.

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Our subject matter experts

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Practice Lead, Delivering CX
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Practice Lead, Delivering CX
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Where we’re making an impact…

Transforming workplaces through inclusion

People with disabilities have an unemployment rate that is historically more than double the national rate. The Office of Disability Employment Policy at the Department of Labor is working hard to change that. Since 2011, they have turned to Wheelhouse Group to work with employers across the nation to close this gap.

We immediately recognized that many employers think of DOL only in a compliance context and aren’t always open to working together. We knew we had to forge a different, collaborative path so we developed a customer experience to “delight” employers. We used a design thinking approach and engaged employers in the process to build a plan to meet their unique needs. We then created custom resources, technical assistance and communities of practice to solve problems important to them. Through this longstanding CX work we have helped DOL strengthen its relationship with employers and make the business case for hiring more people with disabilities.

Creating a world class customer service organization

As customer demand continued to expand – in both scale and complexity – the US Mint’s Information Technology Department (ITD) – wanted to ensure it had the skills, resources and processes in place to deliver unified CX across all engagements. They asked Wheelhouse Group to develop an approach to improving the customer experience that would enable the team to reshape perceptions and operate as a true partner to its customers across the agency.

Working with leadership, we developed a baseline understanding of ITD’s customers’ view about the services they receive and identified the key customer journeys. Wheelhouse Group helped define ITD’s CX ecosystem, develop a shared CX understanding, frame key customer touchpoints and cocreate a CX vision for the organization. Together we were able to help focus the ITD team on the strategic and tactical areas of customer engagement needed to create a consistent and positive experience for their customers.

What we offer

  • Conducting CX assessments
  • Identifying customer personas and the unique needs of each
  • Communicating with tailored, powerful messages
  • Removing barriers to service delivery
  • Reforming processes, tools and skills from a CX perspective
  • Focusing on continuous improvement, based on the voice of the customer
  • Tracking qualitative and quantitative metrics

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