Delivering Customer Experience (CX)

Creating the ideal customer experience is a marathon, not a sprint

Delivering exceptional CX requires passion, a customer-centric mindset and deliberate planning and execution. Every experience, every touchpoint requires careful planning and execution to delight customers.

Companies such as Amazon, Apple and other innovators outpace their competitors because they relentlessly keep CX top-of-mind. They leverage best-in-class CX methodologies, personalization technology, AI and other tools that are changing customer expectations about how their experiences should feel. These companies understand that these investments will pay for themselves in reduced operating costs.

Federal agencies must keep pace by ensuring that their people, working in service of a compelling vision and a detailed CX roadmap, deliver the ideal experience time and time again. Together with your leadership team our experts will help define your CX vision, identify and engage with your customers, and design and facilitate journey mapping exercises using personas to pinpoint your most important customer interactions. We understand that designing successful CX campaigns isn’t about managing a checklist but producing a shift in thinking.

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What we offer

  • Conducting CX assessments
  • Identifying customer personas and the unique needs of each
  • Communicating with tailored, powerful messages
  • Removing barriers to service delivery
  • Reforming processes, tools and skills from a CX perspective
  • Focusing on continuous improvement, based on the voice of the customer
  • Tracking qualitative and quantitative metrics

Our subject matter experts

Lee FrothinghamLee Frothingham
Managing Director, Client Engagements;
Practice Lead, Delivering CX

Mara GoldbergMara Goldberg
Practice Lead,
Delivering CX

Lauren Rabb
Practice Lead,
Delivering CX

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