Employers today are struggling to find skilled workers in America’s fastest-growing industries. At the same time there is a wealth of untapped talent, specifically among people with disabilities. In 2020, Wheelhouse Group launched the Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship to help bridge this gap.

Funded by the Department of Labor, we provide strategic and tactical resources to inspire collaboration between high tech, healthcare and clean energy employers and apprenticeship programs.

Our team gives employers and apprenticeship partners the knowledge and know-who to enrich their talent pool to include underrepresented populations. We also develop policies and practices that promote and support effective, scalable inclusive apprenticeship programs.

Together, we are helping employers train their future workforce and enable individuals to gain paid work experience and training.

Key Takeaway

We use a multi-platform approach, leveraging PIA’s website, email newsletters, podcasts, and social media to reach employers across the nation to make diversity and inclusion programs a priority. https://inclusiveapprenticeship.org/

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