Cloud Adoption

Achieving the full benefits of cloud requires thinking beyond the systems and technology. It’s about people…building a skilled workforce, standing up program management support and engaging employees in change.

Migration to cloud computing promises significant business benefits: scalability and flexibility, decreased costs, increased collaboration between employees, and better data storage. Yet, realizing these benefits and operating an optimized cloud environment requires more than defining requirements and selecting a provider. The success of cloud adoption and migration comes down to people  and the investments made in their readiness and development.

Wheelhouse Group offers specialized expertise to guide people through migrating their business to the cloud. Using our proven methodology in integrated change management and stakeholder engagement, combined with our strength in workforce development and program governance, our team will address the needs and changes for the impacted people. Together, we will ensure that this significant business transformation has the necessary buy-in, adoption and on-going support to deliver lasting business benefits.

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Where we’re making an impact…

Standing up a Cloud PMO Office at a Federal Agency

A large federal agency relies on Wheelhouse Group to drive the strategic planning and stand-up of a new cloud program office. We are defining and implementing an enterprise-wide cloud workforce development strategy, defining governance to support ongoing budget and program support, and ensuring stakeholder adoption to achieve enterprise-wide results.

Migration to Cloud-based Desktop Technologies

Wheelhouse Group supports the communications and self-service support for all major cloud-based desktop technology deployments for a federal agency with over 80,000 employees nationwide. Each successful deployment is the result of an extensive stakeholder communications plan that includes the development of direct client communications, interactive executive briefings, focused leadership communications, newsletter articles, a self-service resource center, help-desk training, user guides and FAQs.

What we offer
  • Program and Portfolio management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Cloud PMO charter and standup
  • Cloud workforce modeling, skills assessment and development
  • Organizational alignment to cloud strategy
  • Agile communications and tailored message development