Cloud Adoption

How you enlist and prepare your people for the cloud may be the most important part of your migration

cloud and peopleAs organizations plan the transition of essential services to the cloud, they spend tremendous effort designing the data and application migration and choosing a reliable, secure cloud provider. What they often neglect, to their detriment, is the preparation of their people.

The ultimate success of a cloud implementation depends on leaders ensuring that their people understand its benefits and are skilled, motivated and empowered to operate in the new cloud environment. The transition must be transparent and well-communicated.

We use proven tools and methodologies to ensure your people are equipped and your processes optimized to execute your cloud strategy. Our team of experts cascades agile communications and tailored messaging to all stakeholders, ensuring the transition to the cloud is a success.

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Our subject matter experts

Rebecca CiminoRebecca Cimino
Practice Lead, Cloud Adoption
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Where we’re making an impact…

Standing up a cloud PMO office

Moving massive, newly modernized tax processing systems to a cloud environment represents one of the most significant, on-going IT challenges facing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To help with the people and program management-related challenges, the IRS turned to Wheelhouse Group. Our team supported strategic planning and creation of the new cloud programing office. We led the cloud workforce development team in assessing IRS IT workforce cloud skills to support the planning and development of needed competencies. Additionally, we assisted with program governance to support ongoing budget and program priorities. By creating effective engagement of key stakeholders throughout these initiatives, we were able to help the IRS achieve key modernization goals.

Migration to cloud-based desktop technologies

When the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) User & Network Services (UNS) group planned to deploy the latest cloud-based Office 365 ProPlus suite of applications to more 85,000 employee workstations, they called on Wheelhouse Group. We developed and executed an integrated stakeholder communications outreach approach to prepare employees to enthusiastically adopt a new way of working. We bridged the gap between leaders and employees, ensuring that concerns were heard and addressed and communicating the benefits of the new cloud-based technology. Our team of experts designed, developed and maintained an online Resource Center as a onestop resource for users to develop skills. The deployment was a success, largely because a smooth technology deployment was paired with effective communication and change management.

What we offer

  • Program and portfolio management
  • Strategic communications
  • Cloud PMO charter and standup
  • Cloud workforce modeling, skills assessment and development
  • Organizational alignment to cloud strategy
  • Agile communications and tailored message development

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