Business Optimization

Business Optimization is what we do and the outcome we deliver

Business Optimization iconNo matter their size or mission, organizations are more effective and efficient when their strategies and goals – and the processes they rely on to achieve them – are well calibrated and well communicated. Business Optimization, therefore, is both a Wheelhouse Group offering and an outcome. It’s a suite of services blended together, tailored for an organization’s unique needs and designed to deliver results. It’s the way we help executives and their organizations define success, build the roadmap to get there and meet the milestones along the way.

Too often, Business Optimization is viewed as a rote process of metrics reporting and executive sign-off. Our methodology is effective because it encourages teams to surface issues and risks in a supported environment, engages people in collaborative discussion to resolve issues and ensures accountability through the tracking of actions and a structured, consistent meeting cadence.

  • Well-run organizations have a visionary strategy, shared goals and a set of clear priorities.
  • They put in place effective governance and performance measurement tools that drive collaboration and accountability – practices that become embedded in every aspect of their operations.
  • They choose partners that expertly navigate strategic and tactical activities, partners that develop a strategy and then roll up their sleeves to make it happen. (This is work we love to do.)

We work creatively to align people, actions, and results, driving both buy-in and adoption and building on decades of experience in successful business optimization initiatives.

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What we offer

  • Strategic planning and roadmap development
  • IT/business performance management
  • Portfolio management
  • Program leadership and governance
  • Executive reporting

Our subject matter experts

Cathy Veum HeadshotCathy Veum
Practice Lead,
Business Optimization

Katie WilderKatie Wilder
Practice Lead,
Business Optimization

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