The U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service supports citizens, businesses and government clients, and manages access to a wide range of financial data. A robust cybersecurity posture is essential…and then some. Our team partners with a prominent cybersecurity contractor to make it happen.

Together, we stood up a Cybersecurity Strategy Center and built agency-wide awareness of cyber threats and the initiatives to combat them as part of our effort to cement a strong cybersecurity culture. Our experts provide support to help employees identify personal cybersecurity skill development opportunities, such as those tied to the NIST NICE framework. We develop and execute scalable and repeatable organizational change management strategies to help employees adapt to evolving cybersecurity policies and practices. Our work is helping to build a culture where employees understand the drivers, benefits and responsibilities of maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

Key Takeaway

Praise from our client for our delivery of a recent virtual cybersecurity-focused educational session: “For a voluntary webinar…getting this info out there was a huge milestone.”

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