Artificial Intelligence Integration

Sharing the possibilities, encouraging the acceptance and building the skills needed for people to thrive in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to fundamentally change how people work, by automating routine tasks, improving decision-making, and reducing costs. While AI brings dramatic innovation in infrastructure, operational efficiencies and improved decision-making, it also brings people-related challenges. Employees may be reluctant. Organizations may struggle to address the sizeable skills gap in AI talent. Trust and ethical risks arise with the massive data engineering advancements that AI brings.

Successful AI integration requires a thoughtful culture shift. Leaders can support their teams by providing forums to learn, engage in and be motivated by the changes that impact them.

Our AI Integration experts integrate communications, change management and workforce development approaches that uniquely address AI-related migration issues. We design and deliver an actionable program to help people feel comfortable with change, build trust in the technology, and embrace the possibilities of AI.

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Where we’re making an impact…

Improving IT Support Through Automation

For a large federal agency, Wheelhouse Group led the development of communications and learning tools to support a critical AI innovation—a real-time chatbot assistant providing desktop technology support. In its first quarter, the chatbot answered more than 7,000 questions, with an average response time of 1.04 seconds, reducing IT call volume and wait times and increasing user and call center employee satisfaction.

Promoting Technology Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Artificial Intelligence offers tremendous possibilities to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Our technology accessibility experts support a federal agency in enlisting public and private technology providers in the introduction of these technologies – in areas such as workplace tools, autonomous vehicles (AV), and virtual and augmented reality. We lead the outreach, facilitation and communication to educate technology developers and designers on accessibility and inclusive design.

What we offer

In addition to organizational readiness, Wheelhouse Group helps support the implementation of the actual AI/RPA solution through business process reengineering, by:

  • Working with technology teams to map out a process, then identify time-intensive tasks that benefit from automation
  • Conducting a workforce plan that identifies gaps, new roles required, and reskilling or hiring options and timelines.
  • Documenting the benefits to the employees’ work life, provide executive coaching, and support message development, focus groups, outreach sessions, and surveys.