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When visionary leaders set ambitious goals, they turn to Wheelhouse Group.

We help our clients set the direction and reach their destination. Our clients are often undergoing complex business and technology changes and need senior-level expertise to help translate their vision into compelling messaging, clear priorities, cultural changes and well-run projects. Our consultants work as if from the wheelhouse of a tugboat. Just as tugboats are small, powerful vessels that maneuver much larger ships, our teams help clients navigate around challenges and move them safely into open water.

Our Focus Areas

Organizational Change

Our unique methodology integrates Communication and Change Management disciplines – to drive the success of large-scale internal initiatives and new program launches. It ensures that stakeholder groups across the organization are informed, supportive and ready for change.

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Good communication starts with a strong message. Our proven methodology results in targeted messaging for each audience that is credible, relevant, visionary and instructive. We have years of experience translating business strategies into comprehensive communications plans.

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Our program managers lead complex, multi-disciplinary projects—successfully ushering them through the entire lifecycle. We develop the approach, manage schedules, identify risks, drive deadlines and clearly communicate with stakeholders.

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Wheelhouse Group provides comprehensive leadership development services that foster growth for individuals and teams. We build creative methods to help learning stick and design approaches to account for busy leadership schedules.

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We aim to change behaviors that benefit the individual team member by playing to their strengths, the collective team by working towards their goals, and the organization by focusing on mission objectives and metrics – all grounded in best practices.

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Meeting Design
and Facilitation

Wheelhouse Group designs and facilitates highly effective meetings that engage participants, clarify direction and lead to action. Whether your organization is establishing its vision and mission, defining its roadmap, solving a difficult problem or working through a conflict, Wheelhouse will identify the meeting outcomes, build the agenda, and help prepare the speakers and attendees.

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