When visionary leaders set ambitious goals, they turn to Wheelhouse Group.

Our clients drive complex, enterprise-wide business and technology transformation. They know that even the most promising vision will never be achieved without enthusiastic, prepared people and well-run programs. That’s where we come in.

We move organizations from Reluctance to ResultsTM.


Our specialized expertise helps leaders and their teams embrace and adopt sweeping changes that have broad impact. We do the nuanced work to prepare people at all levels to enthusiastically adopt change and, along the way we openly share our methods so our clients can mature their capabilities and become “better at change.”

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Wheelhouse Group offers specialized expertise in the most pressing, complex transformations our clients face.




Putting people first as we shift to a new way of doing business

Whether you’ll be continuing to work remotely or heading back to an office sometime soon, how will you help your team adjust?

Laurie Axelrod, CEO of Wheelhouse Group, shares insight on how you can best support your people, focusing on what they need to feel safe and supported in the workplace of the future.


Getting beyond team dynamics: building highly effective teams

Teams comprised of a leader’s direct reports are great when you need status and project updates. But if you want the team to actually do something, like lead a change initiative, you will want to think more deeply about the design of the team. One of the things we love the most is when we get to help our clients build highly effective teams.


Tools and resources to help with virtual workplace accessibility

Wheelhouse Group developed an online guide for PEAT (funded by the Department of Labor) that helps ensure the virtual workplace is accessible to people with disabilities. It includes many helpful tools that can assist you with creating accessible content, hosting meetings, and resources for recruiting and hiring.


Learn more about DevOps culture, practice and tools in government

Wheelhouse Group recently collaborated with the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) to co-author and release the “DevOps Primer.” It provides recommendations and best practices from government and industry leaders to identify and explore the culture, application, and tools to advance DevOps.