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A large US government agency responsible for tax collection and enforcement has been undergoing efforts to improve its employee engagement levels and become an employer of choice. The Human Capital Office is responsible for ensuring the success of every operating unit by providing human capital strategies and tools for recruiting, hiring, developing, retaining and transitioning a highly-skilled and high-performing workforce to support mission accomplishment. We were engaged to work with the executive team and Human Capital Office’s Special Project staff to ensure the critical link between the people and the business strategies and organizational success by improving the employee engagement levels and overall leadership capacity service wide.


We applied our performance management, facilitation, leadership development and coaching methodologies to this project. At the beginning of the project, the focus was on providing coaching to managers and their workgroups to create action plans to address the annual employee engagement survey results. However as time progressed, leadership responded so well to the coaching concept, that managers were referred or self nominated to receive assistance for both personal and organization success. We have coached approximately 400 managers and workgroups throughout the enterprise.

Throughout the coaching engagements, we applied organizational development and conflict management expertise which includes developing strategies, conducting workshops, and other interventions to resolve and mitigate conflict. We used our skills in interpreting quantitative data, such as employee survey results and customer satisfaction studies. We used our analytical tools to quickly diagnose the organization and help management determine the appropriate interventions to address the challenges facing the individual and/or the work group. Our efforts, process and results consistently exceeded the manager and workgroup expectations and facilitated marked improvements service wide.

Results/Key Metrics/ROI

  • Provided tools to help managers identify, address and remove barriers to customer satisfaction and employee engagement at the organizational, branch, workgroup and individual level
  • Identified the next steps and worked with the managers on individual actions plans for improving the work environment, customer service levels and overall productivity
  • Provided processes, tools and techniques to for the managers, leaders and staff to use to improve leadership skills, remove barriers to organizational success, interpersonal conflicts and sustain improved performance improvement within the organization.
  • Helped managers understand their role and how they can use leadership skills to achieve their objectives through others
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